Composer | Film-maker | Teacher


More than 10 shorts films. Many international selections all around the world. Esteban is running his own film production company called M&Tstudio

“mano a mano” (2017)

“lucho por soñar” (2015)

L’appel (2010)


Esteban Zúñiga Domínguez

Composition and cinema are the vehicles that Esteban Zúñiga, an artist born in Mexico (1977), uses to denounce social challenges that dare him. His compositions have been performed by 2E2M, Court-Circuit, Diotima, Kuikani, Anima Vox, Sophie Deshayes, Edith Ruiz, Aníbal Ruiz, Natalia Perez, Carl-Emmnuel Fisbach and Jonathan Prager, among others. Selected at festivals such as EMU Fest, SIGRA, Forum Wallis, his works have won prizes such as SACEM, Luiggi Roussolo Competition or the Nuestra America Competition. His video art works were presented at Futura, Détours de Babel, Musique à Reaction, as well as other European, American and Asian scenes. In the musical domain Denis Dufour, Eric Tanguy and Ulises Ramírez participated in the creative training of this artist. His films have been selected in festivals such as: Cannes, Un mare de cinema, Fastnet, Morelia, Trondheim Sykkelfilm Festival, Santander.

Music and sounds

Chamber music with and without electronics/media

As fighter as I remember Prov 6:5 (sax, electronics & video)

Schlague Prov 5:12 (guitar quartet)

Dancing with grandpa Prov 15:5 (flute trio & electronics)

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